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Well folks, turns out the man the Democrats warned you about is on his way to denuclearizing North Korea. How about them apples?

It’s time for Final Thoughts. 

President Trump first got North Korean leader Kim Jung “Rocketman” Un to agree to a sit-down. The president then sent Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo - who some Democrats stupidly threatened not to confirm - to a secret meeting with Kim, in the highest-level contact between the two countries since 2000. That was followed by North Korea announcing it will suspend nuclear and missile tests, and close a test site. 

Those are some amazing diplomatic victories for a president who some called “reckless,” “dangerous” “incapable” and “unfit.” 

Imagine that: The diplomatic mastermind behind Uranium One, the failed Russia “Restart” and the Benghazi disaster underestimated our president’s diplomatic capabilities. 

Hey, Secretary Clinton: President Trump doesn’t play by your foreign policy playbook - and thank goodness for that. 

U.S. policy with North Korea had for decades been a total failure. Thanks to the namby-pamby approach of past presidents – including Bill Clinton - Rocketman is believed to have several dozen nukes at his disposal today, which he claims his missiles can deliver anywhere in the continental U.S.

Well, that’s going to change under this president.

We’re already listening to the Democrats pooh-pooh his progress, and I’m not surprised. Some of them seem to secretly wish for failure, just so they don’t have to give the president any credit. 

Think about it. Isn’t that disturbing?!

And guess what: If North Korea isn’t serious about denuclearization, President Trump will just walk away. That’s the art of the deal. And these Trump-haters need to learn the art of the deal with it!

President Trump may never win a Nobel Peace Prize like his predecessor, Barack Obama. That’s okay. He doesn’t need a prize, a medal, or a trophy. When he wins, he wins for the American people - and the free world. 

Turns out our president isn’t a diplomatic disaster after all. But he could be a nightmare for Democratic candidates in 2020. 

Those are my Final Thoughts. From LA, God Bless and take care. 

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