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Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul responded to questions about his apparent change of heart on the confirmation of CIA Director Michael Pompeo to be the next secretary of state.

Paul, who has been very concerned about U.S. military presence and expenditures overseas, was previously hesitant to vote to bring a vote for Pompeo to the full Senate.

However, by late Monday, Paul indicated and later voted 'yea' on moving Pompeo's nomination to the full body.

Martha MacCallum asked Paul what "changed his mind" on the matter.

Paul said that Trump and himself both consider "unequivocally" that the Iraq War was "a mistake" and was concerned that Pompeo did not share that vision.

"The president reiterated in very strong terms [that] we've been at war in too many places for too long," Paul said, adding that he spoke with Pompeo, who agreed.

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