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Laura Ingraham said that not all Republicans have unified behind the Trump agenda, allowing the press to claim the party is fractured.

But she said that the Democrats have exponentially larger problems in that regard.

Ingraham said Republicans like Sens. Thom Tillis of North Carolina have not backed Trump on key issues, while others like John Cornyn of Texas, Bob Corker of Tennessee and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin could not say for certain whether they will endorse or cast a vote for Trump in 2020.

"Any Republican that hasn't been conflicted over this presidency is either comatose or pretty useless in their blindness," Corker said last week.

Cornyn said he "hasn't thought about it."

Ingraham said Republicans like those give people in the press "what they want" -- "a storyline about a divided GOP."

But, she said the Democrats have "no real leader" and unify mostly around the issue of obstruction or opposition to Trump.

"[They're] so far left, they left America," she said, adding that a new DNC lawsuit against the Trump campaign adds to the disunion.

Ingraham pointed to progressive Rep. Jackie Speier of California and others in the party who ripped the lawsuit as "ill-conceived."

She also played tape of Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi appear to stammer through part of a speech lambasting the Trump tax cuts.

"That is what real disunity looks like," Ingraham said.

"A leader who will always defy and drain the swamp will never be defeated by it," she said.

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