Baier: There Are Many Questions Comey Hasn't Been Asked

'Very Troubling': Turley Says Trump Critics Mostly Ignoring Comey's Memo Leak

Radio host Larry Elder explained on "Outnumbered" Monday a question no one has asked former FBI Director James Comey in his numerous TV interviews.

Elder said the press' attention is mostly focused on the Comey-Trump relationship and Comey's memos about their conversations, but not much has been said about whether Comey acted improperly when he advised against charging Hillary Clinton over her private email server.

He said Comey should be asked why he exonerated Clinton "by finding she had no intent to violate the Espionage Act" of 1918 in mishandling classified information.

After declining to recommend charges against Clinton in July 2016, Comey repeatedly said he did not believe "criminal intent" could be proven when it came to Clinton's private email server.

"How did you find something that wasn't required by the Act?" Elder asked.

Harris Faulkner said Bret Baier may ask Comey about that when he interviews him on Thursday at 6:00pm ET on Fox News Channel. 

Kennedy said she'd like to know why the language was changed from "gross negligence" to "extreme carelessness" by the former secretary of state. 

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