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Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley said former FBI Director James Comey violated the rules of the bureau by giving memos documenting his private discussions with President Trump to a friend who then leaked the contents of the memos to the New York Times.

The Justice Department inspector general is now probing Comey's handling of classified information.

"This is clearly FBI material covered by FBI regulations. You're not allowed just to take them and leak them to the media," Turley said on "Fox & Friends." "There's no question now that this was FBI material improperly removed and then leaked by Comey."

He said it's concerning that there appears to be a concerted effort by many to ignore Comey's unprofessional conduct.

"You can disagree with the president, you can disagree with the firing of Comey, but what Comey did in this instance is very troubling and it's wrong," Turley said.

He agreed with Trump's assertion that Comey is a "leaker," adding it's particularly troubling that investigators and FBI officials already had the memos.

"So he wasn't trying to preserve the memos, he wasn't trying to guarantee that people would see them," Turley said. "It wasn't in the interest of the investigation. It was in the interest of James Comey. He took over the public narrative by releasing these memos."

"Lawyers don't do this and FBI directors don't do this if the investigation is the paramount concern."

Watch his full analysis above.

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