Hillary Clinton Has Dozens of Excuses for Why She Lost... and the List Keeps Growing

Hillary Clinton took some more jabs at the media on Sunday, blaming negative coverage for playing a role in her loss in 2016. 

Clinton made her comments at the Pen America World Voices Festival and said that during her campaign, "the mainstream political coverage was influenced by the right-wing media ecosystem."

She pointed to a "false equivalency" in the media's coverage, originally noted by Harvard University professor Thomas Patterson.

Clinton also said that negative news imparted by election coverage "has had a leveling effect that opens the doors to charlatans."

Chris Bedford offered his take Monday on Clinton's "long string of excuses" on "America's Newsroom," calling it "sickening."

"There always are parts of the media that are hostile to somebody who's running for president of the United States," he argued.

Democratic political consultant and former Clinton adviser Richard Goodstein said that the continuing coverage of Clinton proves there is an "obsession" with the former secretary of state.

"She lost the election 18 months ago," he said. "If Hillary Clinton didn't exist, we would have to create her as the walls are kind of caving in on Donald Trump."

Clinton also said that media coverage has been more "straightforward" and "fact-based" since her defeat in 2016.

However, she added that she believes that is because it "reflects an effort to avoid the errors that helped Mr. Trump to the White House."

Hillary Clinton Has Dozens of Excuses for Why She Lost... and the List Keeps Growing

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