'He'd Be Earning the Nobel Peace Prize': Rep. Zeldin Praises Trump for NoKo Progress

In her Opening Statement, Judge Jeanine Pirro criticized former FBI Director James Comey for his leaked memos about conversations he had with President Trump.

"Jim, it's obvious. You're fired and you're mad," Pirro said.

"You're a liar and you're a leaker. You're pompous, you're egotistical, you're condescending and you violate the very laws you are sworn to uphold because you want to make news because you want to write a book," she added.

Pirro said that Comey's contemporaneous notes do not support his narrative.

Instead, she said they prove Trump encouraged him to investigate the issue of collusion between anyone on the president's campaign and Russia, as well as Christopher Steele's dossier on the president.

She also said the memos show Trump wanted to make sure his administration was free of leaks.

"You didn't have a right to leak that information," she said. "Once you took those memos out of the building to leak to The New York Times, you, James Comey, committed a crime."

Pirro said his memos were not notes to Comey himself, but to other FBI agents. She said there was no investigation into the president, and that Comey wanted to "make himself the protagonist."

"Jim, the FBI's not proud of you," she said.

Pirro added that Comey wanted to change the definition of the law in order to let Hillary Clinton become president.

"You've deceived the American people and, as a result, you -- the director of the FBI -- are under investigation for leaking classified information," she said.

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