‘It’s a Shame’: GQ Magazine Puts the Bible on List of Most Overrated Books Ever

Greg Gutfeld and Mark Steyn discussed Saturday whether traditional dating is really necessary in the real world today.

"The way I look at dates, they're like minimum-wage jobs," Gutfeld said.

"They train you how to operate in the future and move up the ladder of more difficult challenges."

He added that going on traditional dates teaches men how to be true gentlemen.

Steyn agreed, but also said that he thinks "dating has died."

Steyn was part of a panel on "The Greg Gutfeld Show" that discussed a Boston College philosophy professor who offers extra credit to students who go out on dates without drinking alcohol or engaging in physical contact.

Professor Kerry Cronin devised the idea in order to help combat campus "hookup culture" in today's society.

"This professor is on a doomed mission, but it's like a great kamikaze mission," Steyn said. "It's worth it in the end."

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