Gov. Walker: Democrats' Rhetoric Ahead of Midterms Filled With 'Hatred and Anger'

Raymond Arroyo laid out requirements for an effective political chant Friday night after hearing one from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi during a recent tax reform rally.

During the Tax March rally, held the Tuesday taxes were due outside the U.S. Capitol, activists spoke out against the tax bill passed in December.

Pelosi (D-Calif.) called the bill a "shame" before repeating to protesters that "We won't let it stand!"'s Ben Wikler later began his repeated chant, "Repeal the Trump tax, replace the ones that passed it!" to the crowd.

"Oh, is that bad," Arroyo, a Fox News contributor, said on “The Ingraham Angle.”

He gave Laura Ingraham three guidelines for an effective chant:

  1. It should rhyme.

  2. It should have a certain musicality.

  3. It must be memorable.

Ingraham also cited the infamous, "Hell no, we won't go!" chant against the Vietnam War draft as one that is effective.

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