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Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.) praised President Trump Saturday for the progress he and his administration have made with North Korea.

His comments come as Kim Jong Un announced that his country will suspend missile testing and close a nuclear test site.

"He would actually be earning that Nobel Peace Prize, unlike his predecessor who got it beforehand," Zeldin said on "Fox & Friends."

Zeldin was referring to former President Barack Obama's award in 2009, for which he was nominated less than two weeks after he took office.

"This is fantastic news, a lot of great developments, however, we have to be cautious," Zeldin said. "We have to keep that strategy up of maximum pressure."

The president tweeted Kim's message Friday night, saying that progress is "being made for all."

Zeldin added that Trump's progress with North Korea will help Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo.

It was revealed earlier in the week that Pompeo met with Kim in early April to help organize a potential meeting with the president.

"He can be one of the greatest secretaries of state that our nation has ever seen," Zeldin said of Pompeo.

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