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An illegal immigrant was identified as the man who drove a car into a Texas home earlier this month, which led to it exploding.

According to Fox 4 in Dallas, Alejandro Enriquez-Castro was arrested for not having a license in the April 7 incident and was then transferred to ICE custody after being put on an immigration hold.

Dashboard camera footage from a police cruiser shows officer Travis Hiser walking up to Enriquez-Castro in the home's front yard, after which the house violently explodes, hitting Hiser with shrapnel.

"I thought he might be trying to flee the scene," Hiser said on "Fox & Friends."

"As I got up there in the yard, I heard a real loud hissing sound. [I] thought it was maybe one of the tires going down, and then the house just exploded."

The impact of Enriquez-Castro's crash cut a gas line to the home, which caused the explosion, according to Fox 4.

The family who lived in the home was inside at the time of the incident. Dixie Bridges is reportedly in critical condition, her husband is in good condition and their son was released from the hospital.

Enriquez-Castro -- who "was found to have several unconfirmed aliases," according to reports -- told police brake failure caused him to crash into the home.

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