Dershowitz: Trump 'Not Out of the Woods' in NY Federal Probe of Michael Cohen

Rachel Campos-Duffy said the end game of James Comey's new book and media blitz is to discredit President Trump and to discourage his supporters.

In an ABC News interview, Comey said there's "certainly some evidence" that Trump obstructed justice in the Russia probe, and he also said he believes the author of the infamous anti-Trump dossier is a "credible source."

In his book, Comey describes Trump as "untethered to truth" and "ego-driven," describing his presidency as a "forest fire."

On "The Five" on Friday, Campos-Duffy said Comey is not a straight shooter, noting that Comey failed to inform Trump that the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign funded the dossier, and then leaked memos of his private meetings with the president.

She said Comey's anti-Trump claims and the media frenzy surrounding them is intended to eventually initiate impeachment proceedings, while in the meantime dispiriting his base.

"I look at the president's poll numbers - I can't believe how high they are considering how much has been thrown at him. It's unbelievable," she said.

In the most recent Fox News poll, 45 percent of registered voters approve of Trump's performance overall and 52 percent disapprove.

A recent ABC News/Washington Post poll had Trump's approval rating among registered voters at 44 percent (54 percent disapproval), while a Quinnipiac poll had it at 41 percent (52 percent disapproval).

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