Benson: It's Time for a Report From Mueller So the Country Can 'Move On'

Laura Ingraham asked Thursday if democrats would admit they were proven wrong after new statistics by the Department of Homeland Security showed that hundreds of gang members were released because of sanctuary city policies.

The DHS report revealed at least 140 suspected gang members were released due to lack of participation between ICE and local immigration authorities.

Ingraham pointed to comments from Democrats appearing on Fox News, CNN and MSNBC within the last month that all echoed the same sentiment: criminal illegal immigrants should be deported.

"[Will democrats] start eating crow after all these comments?" Ingraham asked National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd.

Judd said that Democrats will never "admit wrongdoing" but rather "spin" the statistics in their favor.

According to the report, the releases "occurred in 37 jurisdictions," and all but one are considered sanctuary jurisdictions.

The report also said that two-thirds of the total releases were in California, a state with a heavily debated sanctuary law.

"Some of these illegal alien criminals know that if they make it to California or to some of these sanctuary cities, they know that they're free from law enforcement," said border agent Hector Garza.

Ingraham noted that more than 37,000 people attempted to cross the border illegally in March alone.

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