Tomi Lahren Rips Joe Biden, Keith Ellison: 'Stacking the Victim Card Deck'

What will the Democrats' overall message be for the midterm elections? 

According to reports, party leaders are split on how to craft a broad agenda that will appeal in blue states and in areas where President Trump was victorious. 

Bloomberg reported

A debate about an attack plan for the November elections pits two party factions that have been competing for dominance. The establishment wing wants to run on safe issues like rising health care costs and opposition to the GOP tax overhaul. The party’s progressive movement sees a rare opening to re-imagine the Democratic agenda with more daring proposals like government-guaranteed jobs, expanding Medicare to all Americans, and reducing the proliferation of guns.

The "Outnumbered" panel took on the question Thursday, with former Trump deputy campaign manager David Bossie and Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren agreeing that the Democrats' message can be mostly summed up in three parts:

1. Impeach President Trump. 

2. Raise your taxes.

3. Shield illegal immigrants. 

Bossie said the party has not had a real agenda in years that can match Trump's "Make America Great Again" message. Lahren argued that the far-left "resistance" is far more visible than moderates within the party. 

"The further they move to the left, the better it's gonna be for [Republicans] in 2020. ... The anti-Trump marches, the pink hats, the anger, the shielding of illegal immigrants. That's what the Democratic Party has become, so then you lose the moderates," she said. 

Marie Harf agreed that Democrats need to run more toward the middle, but applauded the party for choosing effective candidates for specific districts, like Gov. Ralph Northam in Virginia and Rep. Conor Lamb in Pennsylvania.

"There are messages that will resonate," she said, forecasting problems in 2020 when the party must pick a presidential nominee that all factions can support.

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