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A retired school nurse who was on the Southwest Airlines flight that experienced an engine explosion in midair recalled her efforts to save the woman who was killed in the horrific ordeal.

Peggy Phillips said on "Fox & Friends" Thursday that she performed CPR on Jennifer Riordan until the plane landed at Philadelphia International Airport on Tuesday.

"That's just what we do," she said of the nursing profession. "It's just part of who were are."

Phillips said she saw "a lot of activity" going on behind her - where Riordan was sitting - and she got out of her seat when she heard calls for someone who knew CPR.

She said before beginning to assist, she didn't know the window in Riordan's row had blown out or how badly she was hurt.

"At that point you don't think about it anymore. You look at it, you assess the scene," she said.

Phillips was a registered school nurse for over 20 years. She said Riordan's injuries were substantial, including severe trauma to her head, neck and torso, and no pulse.

Riordan, a 43-year-old bank executive from New Mexico and a mother of two, sustained fatal injuries when the upper half of her body was sucked out of the plane when the window blew out. Two passengers raced over to pull Riordan back into the Boeing 737, as the pilot heroically guided the plane in for an emergency landing.

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