'This Is A Hoax': Trump Blasts Mueller Probe, Says Podesta's Russia Ties Should Be Investigated

President Trump was reportedly bashed at an invite-only meeting of evangelical leaders, and some attendees are said to have walked out. 

The purpose of the meeting at Wheaton College (Ill.) was to discuss the evangelical movement, but quickly switched to bashing the president, with many concerned that the movement is too closely linked to Trump.

Jenna Browder, host of "Faith Nation" on the Christian Broadcasting Network said Thursday on "Fox & Friends" that some people actually walked out of the meeting when it turned political.

"It was supposed to be a meeting about evangelism and faith. ... They really didn't realize what they were getting into," she explained.

Her co-host, David Brody, added that the two-day meeting started off as "one-sided venting" and some faith leaders left before the second day. 

According to the Washington Post, participants said some of the topics of the meeting "included immigration, the role of women in the church, racism, how to disagree civilly with other evangelicals and the need to engage with the growing church in the Global South."

Wheaton College is a prominent evangelical school, located about 25 miles west of Chicago.

The latest Pew Research Center poll shows that Trump's approval rating among evangelicals is still at 78 percent, despite recent reports about his alleged extramarital affairs. Trump won the presidency with 81 percent support among the bloc.

Brody said that evangelicals love that the president "does what he says," like officially recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and working to move the U.S. Embassy there from Tel Aviv.

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