Fox News' Griff Jenkins Confronts Gov. Brown on CA Sanctuary Law

Fox News contributor Marc Thiessen expressed a skeptical view Wednesday about any potential deal between the United States and North Korea. 

He said despite CIA Director Mike Pompeo's recent meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and the potential formalization of the end of the Korean War, President Trump should have "very low expectations" for his upcoming summit with Kim. 

Thiessen, a former speechwriter for President George W. Bush and a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, said he sees no chance of Kim agreeing to give up his nuclear weapons. 

"He saw what happened to Muammar Qaddafi when he gave up his nuclear weapons. He saw what happened to Ukraine. He's not planning to be the third person to suffer from that. ... We need to go in with wide eyes open as to what he's trying to achieve," he explained on "America's Newsroom."

Thiessen warned that Kim's real goal is a reunification of the Koreas through a threat of force, while threatening U.S. cities via intercontinental ballistic missiles.

"He's trying to isolate the United States. He wants to come out of this summit with the U.S. to blame for the failure to reach an agreement or he wants to have a fake agreement, like his father had with Bill Clinton."

Watch his full analysis above. 

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