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Law Professor Jonathan Turley recently wrote that fired FBI Director James Comey is "selling himself with the vigor of a Kardashian and the viciousness of a Trump."

Turley expounded on that column in an interview Wednesday with Martha MacCallum.

"Many career people at the Justice Department must really find this [situation] quite repulsive," Turley, of George Washington University in Foggy Bottom, D.C., said.

He called the notion that a former FBI director would write a "tell-all" book is a "virtual contradiction in terms" of his former tenure.

Turley said people at the FBI "need to have presidents trust them. Comey has really destroyed that."

He said it is "inexcusable" that Comey published a book while he is still a cooperating witness in a federal investigation.


Turley said Comey undoubtedly will make money on the book, but will tarnish both his reputation and that of the FBI in the process.

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