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A longtime Clinton confidant said Wednesday that fired FBI Director Jim Comey "lie[d] and he knows it" regarding the reason for reopening the Hillary Clinton email investigation days before the 2016 election

Lanny Davis said Comey acted in a partisan manner to hurt Hillary Clinton, which Harris Faulkner noted was the same type of accusation the right is firing at Comey.

"The inspector general should investigate James Comey for violating the rules of the Justice Department," Davis said.

Davis took issue with Comey's claim that he had to send a letter to Congress notifying them he was taking a second look at the email scandal late in October 2016.

"That's a lie and he knows it," he said, adding that if Comey took a closer look at the then-"new" emails prior to his announcement, he would have seen "there was nothing there."

Davis said if Comey had chosen that course of action, Clinton would have become president. 

Harris Faulkner asked Davis whether people would be "shouting" about obstruction of justice if President Obama fired Comey, as Davis argued he should have done. 

"Barack Obama should have fired him for hurting Hillary Clinton," said Davis, calling out Comey for admitting he sent the letter to cover himself politically, assuming she would win the election either way. 

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