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Tucker Carlson debated a California Republican who supports a form of amnesty for DREAMers.

Carlson said that Denham, of Stanislaus County in the state's Central Valley, has as many as 50 Republicans on his side that want to "force a House vote" on such immigration proposals.

Carlson told Denham that the rights and wellbeing of American citizens, including Californians, should take precedence over the worries of illegal immigrants.

Denham agreed, but said the issue must be resolved.

"Republicans... were elected to lead," he said, adding that he supports President Donald Trump's border security plans.

"We've got to have a resolution," he said. "We should do both [border security and DREAM Act legislation] at the same time."

Denham said Congress must provide "certainty" for the DREAMers who are contributing members of American society, offering the idea of a fine or fee that they should pay as part of the process.

Carlson said that there are many unemployed Americans that need jobs and personal security first.

"Why would I spend a single second worrying about the job of a foreign citizen," Carlson asked.

Denham said he supports an E-Verify system, but said that "every industrialized nation" has a functioning guest worker program that allows immigrants to work in manufacturing or agriculture.

Watch the full debate above.

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