Hannity: Michael Cohen 'Never Represented Me in Any Legal Matter,' Media Outrage Overblown

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Sean Hannity ripped mainstream media personalities attacking him after his name came up in a court proceeding involving President Donald Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen.

Federal Judge Kemba Wood ordered Cohen's own attorney Stephen Ryan to disclose the third name on a list of Cohen clients, which turned out to be Hannity.

Hannity later said Cohen "never represented me in a legal matter" and that the media coverage the court proceeding was overblown.

Hannity said he seems to be the "partisan" press' "new obsession."

He said they are "feigning moral outrage [and] hyperventilating" about him.

"They are frauds, they are partisan hacks, and nothing more than an extension of the Democratic Party," Hannity said.

He said that numerous members of the hard-news press corps never reveal that they have or have had ties to Democratic politics.

Hannity pointed to the recent interview ABC's George Stephanopoulos held with fired FBI Director James Comey.

He said Stephanopoulos never disclosed that he worked on President Clinton's 1992 campaign and later served as adviser and communications director to the 42nd president.

Hannity said his fellow conservatives have joined him in calling out the "massive double standard" he said the press is embodying.

He said that radio host Rush Limbaugh called the attacks "another in a long line and a many-years' effort to destroy the credibility of advocates for conservative... or anti-democratic issues."

Limbaugh said the left and those in the media that are ideologically on that side of the political spectrum demand that "Donald Trump must be sent packing."

"There's so much glaring hypocrisy [and] it really frosts me that that hypocrisy never sticks to these people," he said.

Hannity said the media does not like the political coverage he provides on his 9 p.m. ET eponymous television program and on radio.

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