California AG: Border Wall Is 'Medieval Technology,' Trump Has No Authority to Build It

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) said Tuesday that President Trump "is going to win the fight" over sanctuary law in California against the state's governor, Jerry Brown.

The Los Alamitos city council reaffirmed Monday night its vote to opt out of the law that limits cooperation between local authorities and federal immigration officials.

Brown addressed his battle with the Trump administration on the issue Tuesday morning, saying, "[Illegal immigrants] are human beings. They have families. It's very important that they be integrated in a humane, intelligent way."

"But instead, it's just an inflammatory football that low-life politicians like to exploit."

The president responded, tweeting that Brown and his state are "not looking for safety and security" along the border.

"The president is going to win this fight, and the president is right about this," Blackburn said on "America's Newsroom." "When you see how city governments are responding to the governor of California, you know that they agree with President Trump and they disagree with Gov. Brown."

The Newport Beach city council voted unanimously last week to challenge the law, joining a dozen other cities that are not interested in complying with the sanctuary policies.

The ACLU of Southern California, however, responded to Los Alamitos' vote, calling it a "blatant violation of the city's obligation to follow a state law."

Blackburn said the cities that opt out of the law are not open to lawsuits, because they are complying with federal law. She added that the ACLU is saying that state law should preempt federal law.

"We are a nation of laws. We abide by the rule of law. The president is right on this issue," she said.

Watch more from "America's Newsroom" above, and read more about the growing number of cities pushing back against California's sanctuary law.

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