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In her "Angle" commentary, Laura Ingraham ripped California Gov. Jerry Brown and others who oppose President Donald Trump's immigration law enforcement plans.

She said that Democrats are more concerned with growing their voter rolls through naturalizing illegal immigrants than they are with the plight of victims of illegal immigrant criminals.

Ingraham said the father of murdered teen Jamiel Shaw Jr. never heard from President Obama after his son's death, but that Obama took time to speak with women's rights activist Sandra Fluke during her controversy.

Fluke, a law student, was criticized by radio host Rush Limbaugh on February 29, 2012, after she testified before Congress in favor of government-funded contraceptives.

Limbaugh said Obama called her to offer support after her testimony.

Ingraham played tape of Brown sparring with Fox News' Griff Jenkins over questions about his concern for victims of illegal immigrant crimes.

Brown accused Fox News of "scapegoating immigrants" with "biased stories."

Ingraham responded that Brown is "tearing his state apart and endangering his citizens" through his sanctuary state policies.

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