Student Raises Red Flags Over History Textbook's Narrative on Trump, Supporters

A motorcycle dealership will not be fined for flying military flags after a warning citation from a Jacksonville, Florida, city employee led to a verbal altercation with a veteran. 

A manager at Jaguar Power Sports said in a now-viral Facebook video that Melinda Power, the city's code compliance officer, issued citations for each of the flags flying outside the business.

He also said that Power insulted a veteran in the store who was upset by the citations.

According to FOX-30, the veteran was asked by Power what he did for his country.

The man reportedly replied, "I took three bullets to the leg. I almost lost my life for this country. I'm retired. I'm a veteran."

Power is said to have become confrontational and told him, "You did nothing for this country."

Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry later said the flags will be allowed to fly and that the city's employees are "expected to be respectful." Curry's chief of staff said the mayor's office was "disturbed" by the alleged behavior of Power and the matter is being reviewed.

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