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Bret Baier previewed his upcoming live interview with former FBI Director James Comey, which will air tonight at 6:00pm ET on "Special Report."

Comey has made numerous appearances over the past week to promote his book. In his latest sit-down at a CNN town hall, Comey told Anderson Cooper that Fox News "thinks [he] should be in jail."

Baier, responding on "America's Newsroom," said the network "does not think James Comey should be in jail, as a statement of fact."

Baier said there are numerous questions that Comey has yet to be asked, explaining that lawmakers have raised questions about his conduct as FBI director and the leak of his memos detailing his conversations with President Trump.

In an interview Thursday morning on "Fox & Friends," Trump said Comey is a "liar" and a "leaker" and is also "guilty of crimes."

"We're looking for substance," said Baier, adding he plans to drill down on the handling of the Russia and Hillary Clinton investigations and "specific" decisions he made along the way. 

Watch the discussion above. 

Don't miss Baier's interview with Comey on Thursday, April 26th at 6:00pm ET on Fox News Channel.

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