Former First Lady Barbara Bush Dead at Age 92

Hume: Barbara Bush 'A Woman of Enormous Character Who Adored Her Husband'

Fox News host Dana Perino said former First Lady Barbara Bush's life was "one of great consequence."

Speaking by phone to Tucker Carlson, Perino said Bush was "loved by her family and by the rest of the world."

Perino served as the final press secretary for President George W. Bush, Mrs. Bush's son.

"One of the things that she and George H.W. Bush did in raising their children [was that] they were determined to make sure that everyone knew they were loved unconditionally," she said.

Perino said Mrs. Bush embodied "dignity, grace ... and a sense of humor."

But, she remembered that it was never a good idea to do or say something that would cause Mrs. Bush to disapprove of you.

Perino said that, while dealing daily with the White House press corps, there were times she wanted to be "snarky" and offer a good "one-liner" to a pointed question.

However, she was always mindful that Mrs. Bush could be watching the briefing and that she — like many — found that the option "wasn't worth her not being proud of us."

"It was really special to know her," Perino said.

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