Rep. Jordan Rips McCabe's 'Scheming': 'That's What Troubles All of America'

Judge Andrew Napolitano said Monday that President Trump's personal attorney is in an "extremely dangerous" situation ahead of a potential indictment by federal officials.

Cohen was scheduled to appear in court Monday over documents seized by the FBI in a raid of his home, office and safety deposit box.

"[This is] extremely dangerous for Michael Cohen," Napolitano said. "You never, ever get to question the person you're going to indict under oath before the indictment."

"This may very well be a trap for him," he added. 

Napolitano said on "America's Newsroom" that officials do plan to indict Cohen, but have not disclosed on what charges. He added that he believes the charges could be "a crime related to fraud."

Cohen's attorneys said in a letter to a federal judge that attorney-client privilege is not being protected, as the documents seized were about Cohen's clients and did not have to do with the president.

They wrote in the letter, in part, “A special master should be appointed in the interest of the administration of justice to ensure that the Government does not have access to materials for which they have not yet shown would be obtained through a valid search warrant through a showing of probable cause."

Federal officials responded, Napolitano said, by saying President Trump is Cohen's only client.

"The government responded by saying ... 'What you do for [Trump] isn't even practicing law. You're basically a dirty trickster and a fixer,'" Napolitano said.

Napolitano also added he believes Cohen has been surveilled by federal officials for months through cellphone conversations, text messages and his emails, as well as bank institutions related to business doings.

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