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A Virginia Republican congressman and retired Navy SEAL credited President Donald Trump with completing a "measured [and] calculated" action in Syria, united with the French and British military.

Rep. Scott Taylor, who represents Norfolk and Cape Charles, said many people in his district are serving in the military.

"If there is anything going on in the world, our people are there," he said of his constituency, which includes a major Naval installation.

Taylor said he takes all international military action seriously, but added that he understands Trump's position.

"Just like the president, I'm torn too," he said in regards to concerns of further expanding military action internationally. "I think he listened to his advisers, and I do think he had the right balance in tone and action."

Taylor said Russia failed to uphold "its end of the bargain," in an apparent reference to a deal struck between the Kremlin and Obama administration that was supposed to make Syria rid itself of chemical weapons.

He added that he is very "vocal" about the 17-year-old Authorization for the Use of Military Force, a referendum that has allowed for military action in the wake of 9/11 without direct consent of Congress.

Taylor said the AUMF referendum should be updated for more recent circumstances and said that if Trump seeks a "sustained effort," he should confer with Congress, as required by Article I of the Constitution.

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