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Tucker Carlson and Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz discussed former FBI Director Jim Comey's new book.

Dershowitz said he once respected the longtime law enforcement official but now holds only "very strong negative feelings" about him.

He said the new book appears "revenge-driven" from a man still upset that President Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton.

Dershowitz, who supported Clinton, said Comey openly speculated about a report in an unverified, partially Russian-sourced dossier that Trump engaged in sex acts with Moscow prostitutes.

He said that, as FBI director, Comey would "know the truth" about such a sensitive issue, adding that the report is still "nonsense and rubbish" without merit.

Dershowitz called the book a "gossipy revenge, make-money-quick" scheme by Comey with the added goal of hurting political opponents.

"[Comey] is exactly the wrong person to have headed the most important law enforcement agency in the U.S.," Dershowitz said.

Carlson said Comey's ongoing public sparring with Trump hurts the "remaining public trust" in the FBI.

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