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Conservative author and attorney Ann Coulter said special counsel Robert Mueller was "trying to get himself fired" by overseeing the office of Trump lawyer Michael Cohen being raided by federal agents.

Coulter said on "Lou Dobbs Tonight" that the probe into alleged collusion between President Trump and Russia has morphed into probe into the president's alleged one-night-stand with pornographic film actress Stormy Daniels.

She said that fact "proves there's no Russian collusion" and that Mueller has no case for such.

"He's going for his reputation. He can't go over to MSNBC and say there's no Russian collusion," Coulter said of Mueller and why the Bush-era FBI director has worked so intensely.

Coulter added that Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz, a career civil servant appointed by President Obama, is the person who deserves to most credit in the investigation.

"He was the one who exposed Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. He's obviously what people have been waiting for in Washington. He's what people claim James Comey and Robert Mueller are [in terms of honesty]," she said of Horowitz.

Lou Dobbs said Horowitz separate investigation is "straight up, stand up, yeoman's work."

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