California AG: Border Wall Is 'Medieval Technology,' Trump Has No Authority to Build It

Fox News contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy said Friday that the increasing number of California cities pushing back against the state's sanctuary law is the result of "what happens when you lose rule of law."

"States cannot have their own currency, they don't get to start their own military and guess what? They don't get to do their own immigration policy," she said.

Her comments come after Newport Beach recently joined about a dozen other cities that are challenging California's sanctuary law, which is heavily supported by Gov. Jerry Brown (D) and State Attorney General Xavier Becerra (D).

"I think the president is right where the people are at," Campos-Duffy said. "He obviously wants to do something to help the Dreamers ... but he also wants to secure the border. That's where the people are at."

Kennedy -- who spent over two decades living in California -- said she thinks more cities in the state will take similar action.

"We have to have an immigration policy in this country where people know how they can get in, and they can go through proper channels, and come into the country so you don't have to have these warring factions within states," she said.

Bernard McGuirk also said that he believes the Democratic party has seemingly gone "California crazy" and supports the law.

"It's lunacy," he said. "Protecting criminals? It's just absolute stupidity. Suicidal."

Watch the discussion above and see more on cities in California that are rejecting the state's law. 

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