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Michelle Malkin joined Laura Ingraham to shed light on what she sees as organized and well-funded efforts to suppress conservative speech.

Malkin, a CRTV host, and Ingraham highlighted groups funded by billionaire investor and liberal political activist George Soros, like Media Matters. 

"Media Matters has been at the forefront of the speech squelchers, who are highly organized, incredibly disciplined and obviously deeply funded, not only by George Soros but by a number of left-wing foundations," Malkin said.

She noted that many of these foundations are tax-exempt, because under Democratic leadership the definitions of 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) non-profit organizations have been stretched so that "blatantly partisan, political" outfits have been able to cast themselves as educational or social welfare groups.

"The encroachment of these censors and these bullies in the public square has left an undeniable cloud over the First Amendment and free expression," Malkin said.

"They have an absolute immunity shield to go after conservatives for expressing mainstream thought and opinion."

She concluded, "The agenda of these left-wing character assassins is to marginalize mainstream thought."

On Wednesday, radio host and conservative commentator Ben Shapiro explained the efforts to silence conservative speakers on college campuses. 

Shapiro said left-wing groups label ideas they don't agree with - like support for a border wall - as "hate speech."

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