DiGenova: Sessions Must Fire 'Incompetent, Compromised & Conflicted' Rod Rosenstein

Sean Hannity said "disgraced" former FBI Director James Comey is getting ready to "cash in on his very public hatred for President Donald Trump."

Comey's first TV interview - on his book promotion tour - will be with ABC's George Stephanopoulos, who Hannity called a "Clinton sycophant turned so-called journalist."

"It's the moment liberals and the Trump-hating press have been so anxiously waiting for," said Hannity. 

In the sitdown, Comey compares Trump to a mob boss and is asked whether the president obstructed justice and if he should be impeached. 

Hannity said Comey should "know better" than to make such a comparison, since he was involved in prosecuting actual mob bosses.

"Do you really need the extra money?" Hannity asked of Comey.

He went on to lay out so-called "crime families" connected to the Clintons, Comey himself and Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Sean Hannity

Hannity called out Mueller's "merry band of Democratic donors," including top prosecutor Andrew Weissman.

He said Weissman has a history of aggressive tactics and two of his high-profile cases were overturned on appeal. 

"Would you want that guy going after you, with that track record?" he asked. 

Watch the explosive monologue above and see Joe DiGenova's reaction

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