Whoopi Goldberg: Riots Over Trump Firing Mueller 'Would Be Fun to Watch'

Gingrich: Giving Mueller This Much Power 'Is a Threat to Every American'

As speculation grows that President Trump could fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Geraldo Rivera is cautioning the president against the move.

Trump blasted Mueller, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein after an FBI raid on Trump's longtime personal attorney, Michael Cohen, earlier this week.

Trump called the raid "disgraceful" and lambasted Mueller's investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia as "an attack on our country."

On "The Five," Rivera agreed with many lawmakers and pundits that terminating the special counsel could imperil Trump's presidency.

"Firing Mueller would be like scratching a rash," he said.

Despite that, he said he believes that the raid on Cohen was "beyond the pale," and he understands why Trump is furious that the FBI "flagrantly trampled on lawyer-client privilege."

He added that many Americans view the raid as a declaration by the feds that crimes were committed, the president is implicated in those crimes and the inevitable destination is impeachment.

"I think that it was absolutely unjustified and so unprofessional. The president has a right to be steamed."

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