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Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein should have been fired months ago, former Justice Department attorney J. Christian Adams argued, saying Rosenstein let Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation "get completely out of control."

Rosenstein met with President Trump on Thursday, amid recent calls for Rosenstein's ouster over his role in the Russia probe.

Adams explained on "The Story" on Thursday that Mueller originally was supposed to investigate possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, but the probe has expanded far beyond that.

"Rosenstein has allowed the thing to get out of control. He's allowed the team to leak. He's allowed Mueller to hire a clearly partisan bunch of prosecutors. And frankly, he probably should have been fired months ago," Adams said. "He's been a real problem. He's allowed his lifelong desire almost that he has to appease Democrats to cloud his judgment."

Adams said this is part of a larger problem where the legal process is used to "terrorize" political opponents over ideological differences.

"This is third world stuff," Adams said. "This is the kind of thing that isn't supposed to happen in America. But these people doing it -- whether it's Rosenstein, Mueller, all of the people on the outside screaming for a perp walk -- they're very comfortable with third world stuff. They're very comfortable with 'terrorism grand juries,' as Joe [diGenova] put it. This is who these people are, and the president needs to realize that and to fight back."

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