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Ben Shapiro commented on the push by Penn State students to defund conservative organizations on college campuses, branding them as "hate groups."

"Everything has been deemed 'hate speech' on campus," the conservative commentator and radio host said on "The Ingraham Angle."

Shapiro said views in favor of a border wall or deporting some illegal immigrants would likely be viewed by these student groups as "hate speech."

Shapiro noted that Penn State was a university he visited in the past, and that a riot nearly broke out because he was speaking.

"I'm sure that some of the people who are protesting the conservatives on campus ... were some of the same people who, a couple of years ago, nearly tried to break through the doors where I was speaking," he said.

Shapiro has been met with a number of left-wing student protests during his college lecture tour.

He told Laura Ingraham that administrators at some campuses limit the amount of people who can attend conservative lectures in order to stop riots.

"They actually end up restricting free speech even when they're attempting to protect it, in some cases," Shapiro said.

He pointed to conservative commentators like Jordan Peterson, Jason Riley, Heather McDonald and Charles Murray all seeing attempts to stop them from speaking. 

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