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Tucker Carlson said Tuesday that many in the mainstream media want skeptics of potential military action in Syria to "shut up and obey."

One night earlier, Carlson blasted "talk-show generals" and hawkish lawmakers, like Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), for calling for immediate war on Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad for a new gas attack on civilians. 

Carlson noted that shortly before the attack, President Donald Trump said he would like to see an end to American involvement in Syria.

"How would [gassing civilians] benefit Assad?" Carlson asked, cautioning people not to rush to judgment. 

He proceeded to call out some of the critics, who called him "insane" and accused him of disseminating Russian propaganda. Another journalist tweeted that he should "STFU."

Carlson said "shutting the F up" is what those in favor of military action want, arguing they do not seem interested in debate. 

Glenn Greenwald of "The Intercept" responded by saying there is an "ethos" in Washington, D.C. that leads to a president being praised for attacking other countries. He pointed to the reaction last year when President Trump authorized missile strikes on Syrian airfields after a previous gas attack. 

"People who hate Donald Trump took a break for 24 hours to proclaim him presidential because that's what U.S. presidents in their eyes do. They just drop bombs on other countries with no declaration of war or any reason why U.S. interests or the U.S. borders are at stake," he argued. 

Greenwald said this mentality and past wars have led to people in other countries seeing the U.S. as the top threat to world peace.

Carlson said journalists are supposed to be skeptical and ask questions, but those who do so now are being attacked.

On Wednesday, Trump tweeted a warning to Russia, implying that U.S. military action is imminent. 

Watch the segment above. 

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