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Tucker Carlson debated a magazine editor who claimed the host "willfully misled his audience and advanced Russian geopolitical narratives" by cautioning against anti-Assad actions in Syria following the chemical attack on civilians there.

Carlson reiterated he is no fan of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, but said jumping to conclusions - especially without regard for repercussions back home - is unwise.

"Outlines and consequences [of going to war in Syria] are unknowable and terrifying," Carlson said.

He challenged Commentary Magazine editor Noah Rothman about his reaction to the Fox News host's earlier remarks.

He told Rothman that Defense Secretary Jim Mattis himself does not know all the facts surrounding the attack and is "still assessing intelligence."

"You accused me of 'defending a bloodsoaked regime'," Carlson said. "I am questioning anyone who states as fact what he doesn't know [to be] fact."

Rothman said Carlson's previous comments were praised by content outlets in enemy nations like Iran TV.

The former Mediaite editor added that Carlson was also "advancing pro-Assad narratives."

Carlson disagreed, reiterating that people like Rothman who demand positive action are "tools of people who want us to proceed [to] war."

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