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National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow said he understands farmers' concerns over the repercussions of potential agricultural tariffs floated by China.

Kudlow also floated the idea of meeting with concerned farmers on the matter.

The trade partner proffered the tariffs in response to President Trump's pledge to hold nations accountable for unfair trade practices that hurt Americans and American jobs.

Martha MacCallum mentioned a recent guest on her program - a soybean farmer - was concerned, like many in the Heartland, that agricultural tariffs could crater the prices of their goods.

"Stay cool," Kudlow said. "There are no tariffs yet."

Kudlow said he is interested in meeting with the farmer and others so that they can express their concerns over Trump's proposals and what China may do in return.

MacCallum said that particular farmer voted for Trump, as well as most of his community.

"We cannot let China get away with [unfair trade practices and intellectual property theft]," Kudlow said.


He said the White House must heed the advice attributed to Ronald Reagan when engaging in agreements: "Trust, but verify."

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