Hannity: 'Rogue' Mueller 'Declared War Against Trump' With Cohen Raid

Some in the mainstream media are pushing an "unhinged" narrative that President Trump will authorize military action in Syria as a "wag the dog" strategy, Sean Hannity said Tuesday. 

On Monday, some commentators - including MSNBC's Chris Matthews and Joe Scarborough - suggested that war in Syria could be used to distract Americans from the Mueller probe and the FBI raid on the office of his personal attorney Michael Cohen.

"Be careful of the timing of this," Joy Behar warned on "The View."

Hannity noted that a response to an attack on civilians by the Assad regime was already being weighed days before the FBI raid. 

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino said the media sees everything that happens through the lens of "Russian collusion." He said Trump has been harsh on Russia recently by sanctioning oligarchs, bombing Russian mercenaries in Syria and trying to "bankrupt their natural gas market."

"They're just losing their minds in their disdain for Trump. ... It makes literally no sense," he said. 

Democrat radio host Rick Ungar pushed back by arguing that he supports Trump taking action against Assad and it's "unrealistic" to think the media won't point out the "wag the dog" issue. 

Watch the debate above and see Hannity's fiery monologue on the Mueller probe. 

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