Rush Limbaugh on Tuesday urged President Trump not to try to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, warning him that such a move would imperil his presidency. 

Trump openly flirted with firing Mueller earlier this week after the FBI raided the home and offices of his longtime personal attorney, Michael Cohen.

"This is about survival. And Trump and his people and by extension those of you who voted for Trump are up against people who aren’t playing by any rules," Limbaugh said on "The Rush Limbaugh Show."

He told his audience that many of them might think firing Mueller or Rod Rosenstein is "just and proper," but it would be a big mistake. 

The president tweeted Wednesday about his frustration with Mueller's growing investigation, saying the special counsel "is the most conflicted of all."

Trump also reportedly considered firing Rod Rosenstein after the raid in order for a new deputy attorney general to be installed and provide a stronger check on Mueller's probe.

On "Outnumbered" Wednesday, Melissa Francis agreed with Limbaugh that Democrats are trying to "goad" the president into making a bad decision. 

"That would be a big mistake," she said. "And they're just daring him, pushing harder and harder, and that's really what the goal is."

Katie Pavlich added that she believes the "media narrative" has added fuel to the fire when it comes to any potential Trump firings.

"The White House [has] repeatedly said 'We have no plans [to fire anyone]. The president isn't thinking about it."

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