'It Is a Real Threat': Turley Says Trump Must Be Wary of 'Trap' After Cohen Raid

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After Michael Cohen's office and home were raided by federal agents Monday, constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley said the attorney's unclear relationship with Trump could prove troublesome.

Turley said Cohen, who is Trump's longtime personal attorney and confidant, is hard to pin down as a "lawyer" or "fixer" or "friend" depending on the situation.

"Cohen tends to blur his relationships [with Trump]," Turley said on "Tucker Carlson Tonight."

He said that type of dynamic could prove "dangerous" if Cohen tries to claim the documents seized fall under "attorney-client privilege."

"That's going to come back to haunt him and haunt the president," Turley said.

Carlson asked how the payment to Stormy Daniels is in any way connected to Russia's "hacking of our democracy," which was the original intent of the special counsel investigation.

Turley said the probe is indeed now "far off the mark," additionally pointing to the charges brought against former Trump campaign chairman and longtime lobbyist Paul Manafort.

He also said he believes that the removal of Mueller or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein might not be enough to stop the investigation after the FBI raid in the Southern District of New York. 

"Even if the president moved against Rosenstein [or] Mueller, it wouldn't necessarily stop what the Southern District is doing," said Turley. 

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