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It’s time for Final Thoughts.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could remove Bashar Assad from power, unify Syria, keep ISIS and al-Qaeda out, and tame Iranian influence in the region?

It sure would. But this is the real world, and the LAST thing we should do is continue our involvement in another Mideast disaster. 

Yes, the latest chemical attack in Syria was horrific, tragic and despicable. As Americans, we feel for the Syrian people. BUT, the hard truth is … this isn’t our battle. It’s not our war, and we will not win it.

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Don’t get me wrong - we have the greatest fighting force on Earth in the U.S. military. But we can’t win a war when we don’t even know what victory looks like.

Overthrowing Assad doesn’t solve the problem; not even close. This conflict is less about overthrowing a savage dictator, and is now more about a struggle among branches of Islam that goes back more than a thousand years. How do we win that?

How many times will we keep sticking our fingers in the fire before we realize that spreading democracy in the Middle East does NOT work? How many times must we attempt to pick winners and losers in civil and tribal wars we do NOT understand?

We’ve given the so-called “moderate opposition” in Syria weapons, funding and training, Along with the support of however many American troops in Syria – one of whom was just recently killed there.

That’s the spilling of American blood, sweat and tears – and for what? So a year down the road those same U.S.-supplied weapons can be used against us? We’ve been down this road too many times. Enough is enough.

As a Christian, I of course feel for the victims in Syria. And I pray for them. But we have enough problems here at home. When are we going to put Americans first?

When are we going to fight for our own interests, and protect our own country? We’ve got crumbling infrastructure, an opioid crisis, veterans dying in the VA health care system, and a border that’s barely a border at all. How can we save the world when we can’t even save our own backyard?

It is my hope President Trump will stick to his plan, and pull us entirely out of Syria. Intervention has so far been the status quo, and this administration has certainly continued U.S. involvement.

But this president was elected to break the status quo. We have nothing to gain in Syria, and everything to lose. We cannot afford to lose more Americans in someone else’s unwinnable conflict. Period.

President Trump, please remember: It’s America First.

Those are my Final Thoughts. Feel free to disagree. From LA, God Bless and take care.

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