Levin: Mueller Is a 'Rogue Prosecutor' & Trump Should Not Speak to Him

Frank Luntz said Monday night that the continued presence of Rep. Nancy Pelosi in the House leadership and the talk of impeaching President Donald Trump could cost Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections.

"[Democrats] have always gone too far," Luntz said, recalling Democrats making a mistake in the 2002 midterms by focusing too heavily on the Enron scandal. 

Laura Ingraham asked whether "impeachment mania" could drive Trump voters back to the polls in force, pointing to a New York Times piece that laid out the Republican strategy to use the issue to drive up turnout.

"If [the public] thinks a politician is using a crisis for their own personal advantage, they'll vote against them," said Luntz, pointing to Pelosi (D-Calif.) as another possible negative for Democrats, especially after she drew criticism for denigrating companies' bonuses to workers.

"Nancy Pelosi has never been anyone's dream idea of Speaker," Luntz explained.

Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wis.) warned on "Fox & Friends" Monday of a potential "blue wave" that could come in November's midterms after a Supreme Court election victory of a liberal judge in his state.

He said that the left is "driven by anger and hatred," which must be countered with "optimism and organization."

Luntz said the polls were way off in 2016, but the current polls point to a wave occurring and Democrats potentially taking the House and Senate. 

"I think the Senate is in jeopardy for the GOP as well ... you have Democrats who are more activated than they have been - for no reason other than to send a message to Donald Trump," Luntz said.

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