Dershowitz: 'Deafening Silence of ACLU' After Raid on Trump Lawyer 'Really Appalling'

Judge Nap: 'Seems to be No Limit' on Trump Probe After FBI Raids Lawyer's Office

Judge Andrew Napolitano explained the legal jeopardy that President Trump's longtime attorney Michael Cohen may be facing after federal agents raided his home, offices and hotel room.

Cohen is reportedly under federal investigation for possible bank fraud, wire fraud and campaign finance violations.

Cohen's attorney, Stephen Ryan, said Monday's raid was conducted by the U.S. Attorney's office in Manhattan and was based at least partly on a referral from Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

On "Fox & Friends" on Tuesday, Napolitano pointed out that Cohen admitted paying $130,000 through a personal home equity loan to adult film star Stormy Daniels in exchange for her silence about an alleged affair with Trump.

Cohen used a home equity loan to make the payment and Napolitano said it's "bank fraud" if Cohen told the bank he was going to use that money to renovate his house or for some other purpose.

Napolitano noted that Cohen may have been able to obtain the money as a demand deposit, but if he was required to tell the bank what he was using the money for and misled them, that would be a problem.

"Wire fraud would be -- it's a technical crime -- you've already got the money by fraud, you wire it over interstate lines, which is what he did, wired it from New York to a dummy corporation he set up in Delaware, and from the dummy corporation in Delaware to the trust account of the lawyer for Stormy Daniels."

He said the possible campaign finance violations would be that Cohen failed to report the payment as a benefit to the Trump campaign.

Napolitano said none of these potential crimes have anything to do with collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia -- which is what Mueller is investigating -- but if the feds indict Cohen, they will try to "squeeze him" to find out what he knows about possible collusion.

Meantime, Trump - after calling the raid an "attack on our country" - tweeted his displeasure on Tuesday morning. 

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