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President Trump has vowed an imminent and forceful response after a suspected chemical attack killed dozens of civilians in Syria.

Trump has said that there is little doubt that the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad is behind the attack, although the Assad regime has denied involvement.

Fox News security strategist and former deputy assistant to Trump Sebastian Gorka said the president will send an "overt" message to Assad and his sponsors.

"This isn't just about Damascus, it's about Putin and Moscow, it's about Iran and even China," Gorka said on "Fox & Friends" on Tuesday.

He said Trump will also put pressure on Assad's government through unconventional, covert means in the cyber domain and elsewhere.

"It's not regime change. The president is not interested in regime change. It's about sending a message and hurting the elite that is being so evil in that country," Gorka said. "The president is not an interventionist, but it is in all civilized nations' interest to make sure that these weapons are not used."

He added that Trump is wise not to telegraph what action he will take, since that allows our adversaries to prepare.

"You don't do it in a chess game, you don't do it in warfare or in international relations. It's bad strategy."

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