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A conservative Marquette University professor has been suspended since 2014 after he criticized a graduate instructor for refusing to tolerate dissent on the topic of same-sex marriage in her ethics class.

The university says it has the legal right to suspend Dr. John McAdams because he opened the graduate assistant up to threats by disparaging her by name in a blog post.

The case is now heading to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

On "The Ingraham Angle," McAdams, a political science professor, said Marquette is ostensibly a Catholic university, but like many similar institutions, it is fundamentally "secular and politically correct."

"They told me that they would reinstate me if I apologized and promised to conform to Marquette's supposed guiding values," McAdams said. "I think I'm more loyal to Marquette's guiding values than the administration of Marquette University. But of course, this is Stalinist stuff. I'm not going to apologize."

He noted that professors have lost tenure before, but there had to be serious cause for university administrators to take such an extreme action.

"Nobody's ever been fired for a blog post."

Watch more above, and check out Ingraham's powerful monologue on how the left tries to censor conservatives.

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