Hannity: 'Rogue' Mueller 'Declared War Against Trump' With Cohen Raid

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Alan Dershowitz joined "Hannity" to discuss what he said was a pre-arranged meeting with President Trump and White House officials.

Dershowitz said that he believes Trump will not fire anyone connected to the Mueller probe.

However, he did comment on the fact Trump attorney Michael Cohen's properties were raided by federal agents.

The office of the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York had approved the raid, which also needed clearance from a judge.

According to ABC News, current U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman recused himself from the Cohen raid decision carried out by his office.

Dershowitz said Robert Mueller likely knows he does not have the authority to call such a raid based on the parameters of the Russia investigation.

But, he said the U.S. Attorney's Office does.

"It seems like a subterfuge by which Mueller doesn't have the authority [so he] gives it to somebody else," Dershowitz said.

He said Mueller's team appears to be "laundering information to another prosecutorial authority" - in this case, the U.S. Attorney's office.

Dershowitz said Mueller is "trying to have it both ways." 

He said that Mueller is not formally investigating Cohen's relationship with Trump, but that the Southern District of New York would not have received any information for a possible case were it not for Mueller's initial inquiries.

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