Dershowitz: Trump Won't Repeat Obama's 'Tragic Mistake' With Syria 'Red Line'

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In the wake of a suspected chemical attack in Syria that killed dozens, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said Syrian President Bashar Assad is a "legitimate war criminal" and the world is watching to see how President Trump responds.

Saturday's chemical attack unfolded in a rebel-held town near Damascus amid a resumed offensive by Syrian government forces. The Assad regime has denied responsibility, but many believe it is behind the attack.

On Sunday morning, Trump condemned the attack as "mindless," referred to Assad as an "animal" and said the disaster never would have happened if former President Obama had crossed his infamous "red line" with the Syrian dictator.

On "Fox & Friends" on Monday, Graham said the "big price" the Syrian government should pay is to have their air force and air capability destroyed.

"This should be the last time a barrel bomb is dropped on innocent civilians by the Assad air force. We have the capability to destroy his air force, to ground his air fleet, and we should use that capability," Graham said.

He added that Assad and his inner circle should now be considered war criminals and "legitimate military targets."

"If you have the opportunity to take him out, you should," Graham said. "You should ground his air force, you should destroy his air force. We should set up safe zones inside Syria, telling the Russians and the Iranians and anything left of Assad, 'If you cross this line, we'll shoot you down,' so the Syrian people can regroup."

He said other countries -- particularly Russia, Iran and North Korea -- are paying attention to what action Trump takes. He said the president should learn from Obama's mistake and send a strong message that "there's a new sheriff in town and America's back."

"I hope he'll send a signal to Assad and every other thug and dictator in the world: when you cross my 'red lines,' you pay a heavy price," Graham said. "Very defining moment for President Trump, and I think he'll rise to the occasion."

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