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Sean Hannity responded to a recent back-and-forth with comedian Jimmy Kimmel after the ABC host mocked First Lady Melania Trump's Slovenian accent during a storybook reading session with children.

Hannity said that Trump is "not in any position to defend herself" and that Kimmel proceeded to make "vicious attacks" after the initial barb.

He said that Kimmel's apology seemed sincere but also appeared to be geared more toward the gay community, which was offended by homosexual jokes about President Trump.

He said the apology may have been a "forced Disney corporate apology" but that whether or not Kimmel was sincere, "everyone should accept apologies."

Hannity said he agreed with Kimmel that it is time to "move on" from their Twitter debate and the comments about Mrs. Trump.

But, he also invited Kimmel to come on "Hannity" and discuss the issues without fear of personal attacks.

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